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Why do you care about Katalís?

Under-representation is a significant issue in STEM, as many of us have never had the chance to see people that look like us in this field. Hopefully, this project can tackle that issue in Montreal before I tackle the world.

What we do

Katalis Goals


Inspire and transmit our passion for STEM to the next generation of young leaders.

Spreading Knowledge

Knowledge is the key to growth. We organize many educational demonstrations wherever it's needed


We aim to empower young students to succeed regardless of their background, orientation or gender.

Always Giving

Donating scienceware, textbooks, and money to empower and ensure growth.


We continuously participate in public activities to raise awareness and spread our message

Making a positive change

Our Story

Katalís was dreamed up while our founder was living in Haiti during high school. Melize hated science, as a child, but when she met with a great teacher for Electricity and Magnetism. When she saw how amazing science could be, she thought that everyone should have access to this field, but bad teaching and worldly circumstances tend to wean potential great minds out of the field.

In August 2018, while attending the funeral of her uncle—who was a humanitarian figure—she thought a good way of combating the loss of his service to the country would be getting this project rolling, and so Katalís was born.

Our name was a product of our Vice-President of Fall 2018, Kelly Burchell-Reyes, thinking of ways that we plan on affecting the children we meet. We are going to Haiti to make a positive change and hopefully, expediting their growth as a young professional. Everyone can make an impact on the world; all you need is an agent to start the reaction towards growth. Thus a catalyst tends to be the missing ingredient. Translated into Kreyól, and you have the word Katalís! We aimed to be a little better than your average catalyst though, as they remain unchanged throughout the reaction, and it is our goal to grow as much as the environment around us.

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You can make a change too!

Donate We are always in need of scienceware, textbooks, gadgets and money to ease the load of achieving our goals. If you have something you’d like to donate, please contact


Become a Sponsor Would you like to be represented at our next event? Does our mission align with your corporate responsibility missions? Katalís is a great place to start tackling your annual mandate. We have many visibility tiers and as a Concordia Student Union recognized organization, we have a wide reach throughout the Concordia community. Please contact to know where the money will be used and to negotiate and solidify your sponsorship details.
Join the Team Would you like to make a difference in CEGEPs? In Montreal? In the world? Then this is the team for you! Regardless of major, though we focus on STEM issues, we are more than happy to integrate anyone into our organization that cares about our cause and wants to work towards the goal of inclusion. Feel free to contact our primary email stating your interest or area of expertise, may it be mentorship, design, videographer or anything in between and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Current Missions

Teaching the leaders of tomorrow

International Outreach

This is our oldest branch with the initial mission of tackling the lack of STEM education in Haiti. Unless you are of a privileged background, STEM is often not taught within the curriculum of public schools in Haiti. We have partnered with an organization, Here Am I Haiti, that makes education their mission with higher educational standards and meals for students. We will be going annually for as long as this club is intact to teach science, encourage locals with STEM education to continue our efforts in our lapse to eventually get the most enthusiastic minds to University one day with our help. Education is a fundamental human right, and we’d like to be the Katalís for the children.

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Institution Mixte Les Frenes Nau de Bayonnaise

Mixte les Freres Nau is a school located just outside of Gonaives. It was started soon after Elise Cadet and Icy Mae Fredrick began their non-profit in 1988 and as of 2016, is the learning hub for over 800 children from K-12. A dream of Mr. Cadet’s was to incorporate profession-based learning into the classroom, and Katalís fit right in. We get over 100 kids in grades 6-8 inspired about STEM through a week of workshops and leave enough resources to hold them over in our year of absence to ensure positive development and learning.
A donation of a laptop, textbook or anything in between could be what it takes to create the next innovator in social networking, quantum physics or even rocket technology! Give what you can today!



The mentorship program started in the Summer of 2019. It is an initiative dedicated to helping high school and college students transition into their next academic step. We aim to inspire and transmit our passion for STEM to the next generation. We want to partner mentors and mentees together based on the mentees’ needs and the mentor’s ability to help them. Our program would involve tutoring the students, guiding them towards their goals, and creating a supportive and welcoming environment.

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Local Outreach

In March 2019, the members of the first international outreach team thought there was some components lacking in the Montreal education scene. Many of the outreach teams targeted children, but of the typical demographic. In a conference of February 2019, it came to light that the amount of minorities in the field of STEM is highly non-representative of the Montreal community and we decided to make it a mission of ours to bring the local STEM community up to date to the national human demographics. As of May 2019, we have started reaching out to sectors of Montreal with a high immigrant / minority demographic to give children role models that resemble themselves.

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