Katalis Outreach Members

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Who are We?

Katalis Team

Arvind Gupta

VP Mentoring, Physics
since Sept. 1, 2020
Why I joined Katalis?

I like the idea of Katalis, being from a rough immigrant background myself I can relate to the numerous difficulties and challenges that face underprivileged students face I have tutored before and I truly enjoyed it, It feels good to make a difference and to help improve the lives of future generations.


Pursue graduate studies in Mathematical Physics and enter academia.


VP International, Physics
since Aug. 4, 2020
Why I joined Katalis?

Katalis to me is a chance to share what I've learned and experienced to those that weren't offered the same opportunities as me. That's why I'm in international haha


Work in Rocketry

Alec Zarow

VP Local, Physics
since Aug. 4, 2020
Why I joined Katalis?

I care about Katalis, because I care about people being able to have access to education.


I would like to do research in a space related field

Narimane Branci

Public Relations, Cell and Molecular Biology
since Sept. 15, 2019
Why I joined Katalis?

The idea of helping people have always been important to me, and being able to help people that are actually in need of our help is even more meaningful and powerful for me! So being able to help numerous people understand and discover everything the STEM field has to offer us, is actually an honour and I’m glad Katalis helps us achieve this goal. 


Graduate and finally work in the research fields i’ve been wanting to do. Finding solutions to cure diseases and all !

Rinrada Puntuleng

VP Finance & Local Outreach Member, Biology
since Sept. 3, 2019
Why I joined Katalis?

It all started when my friend from Katalis asked me to help in advertising events in the first year of Katalis. I have learned about Katalis’ main goals in helping and giving the right tools for the underrepresented groups to get more opportunities in pursuing their dream in the STEM field. Therefore I joined Katalis to help the organization expand its network and reach out to more and more people for many years to come.


get a bachelor in Biology, pursue career/ future research in the wildlife field, and give something purposeful to others.

Stephen Haney Hernandez

VP International Admin, Biochemistry
since Jan. 1, 2019
Why I joined Katalis?

I wanted to contribute to the in-need community in Montreal however possible.


To become a researcher in the field of genetics

Celeste-Melize Ferrus

President, Physics
since Aug. 19, 2018
Why I joined Katalis?

Under-representation is a major issue in this field as many of us have never had the chance to see people that look like us in this field. Hopefully, this project can tackle some of that issue in Montreal before I tackle the world.


Get my MSc in Astrophysics and Communications to become a public figure for the promotion of science for under-represented groups

Walid Berbara

VP Internal, Biochemistry and Anthropology
since Aug. 15, 2018

Why I joined Katalis?

The project seemed very interesting and it ended up being better than my wildest expectations


Work in Healthcare

Risham Sheikh

Member of International Division, Biochemistry

Why I joined Katalis?

Katalis’ goals of helping minorities and marginalized groups gain access to the STEM field in order to reduce inequality around the world aligns with my own values and beliefs. Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world “and as someone who was given the opportunity to receive a valuable education, I wish to give back and help others who were not as fortunate.  Katalis gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge, time and passion for science all while helping me grow, gain life changing experiences and, most importantly, change the world.



Completing my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and later pursue a career in research

Timothee Clochard

Member of International Outreach, Mechanical Engineering

Why I joined Katalis?

An underlying issue that exists within the world is the inequality between developed countries and under-developed countries. I believe that this margin can be diminished by helping out marginalized communities by giving them the “tools”, here STEM, to give them a more equal opportunity. 



Get a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and pursue a career in the domain of aerospace in the US

Stéphanie Fiore

Member, Aerospace Engineering, option Aerodynamics & Propulsion

Why I joined Katalis?

Everything started with a night call from a friend; ‘Do you want to go to Haiti in 10 days?’ I had the chance to participate in the first international trip and I fell in love with the main goal of Katalis. Katalis gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge and apply my skills during a lifetime experience. Education is the most powerful fuel to improve life conditions and I believe the young generation needs to be inspired in order to discover the wonders of STEM. I aim to extend the goal of Katalis to the Indigenous communities around Montréal area, too.


Completing my bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and my commercial pilot license in order to become a test pilot.

Rami Khouri

Member, Biology

Why I joined Katalis?

To help spread the love of science to all communities and populations.


To work in healthcare

Sarah-Denise Luemba

Member of International Outreach Division, Chemistry and Spanish

Why I joined Katalis?

To transmit my interest in science and contribute to the community.


To become a health professional